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Find trade setups fast and easily with the Scanner. Scan all your markets for automatic MTPredictor TS1/2/3/4/DP and VS, setups of which the TS1, TS3 and TS4 also have a Wave 3 variation as well as Elliott wave patterns

It does not matter what markets you trade, MTPredictor is there for you 
finding trades and helping you control your trading risk.

Trading Platform Features

  • Find trade setups fast and easily with the new-look Scanner. Scan all your markets for automatic MTPredictor TS1/2/3/4/DP and VS, setups of which the TS1, TS3, and TS4 also have a Wave 3 variation as well as Elliott Wave patterns.
  • Plot Charts directly or from the Scanner, then Analyse your charts with our pre-built tools. Automatic setups are found and displayed on your charts for you.
  • Tabs, Workspaces, and Layouts: Organise your charts and Scanners in the way you wish
  • Multi-monitor Support: Drag individual charts and Scanners as well as complete Workspaces onto separate monitors.
  • Includes some standard technical analysis indicators as well as Fibonacci tools
  • Numerous data choices, including IQFeed, BarChart, as well as MetaStock and ASCII format EOD data files.

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New Features
  • [W3] (Wave 3) Trade Setup
  • [VS] (Volume Spike) Trade Setup
  • MTPTrend Indicator
  • New Alerts System
  • New Charting Control
  • New Tab Control 
  • New Bars engine to standardize bar construction across all supported Real-time data feeds
  • Ability to read intraday (1 min) MetaStock / ASCII Data files
Analysis Features
Quick Analysis
Manual Wave Price Target
Manual Risk/Reward Tool
Historical Trade Analysis
Manual WPT module
Manual Decision point (DP)
Elliott Wave tool


Read what our MTPredictor Customers are saying about us
At MTPredictor we believe that supporting our trading customers is one of the most important parts of the business. To see what customers think about the software and support, feel free to read these unsolicited comments from software users. These are just a few of the many client's comments we have received, these will give you an idea of what our customers are saying about us:


Testimonials herein are unsolicited and may not be representative of the experience of other Customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success
First, I have to say MTP is just amazing.  I’m averaging 5R+ in 2-3 hours per day in a practice account while still learning it.  MTP has made trading the higher time frame pivots on the top ATR stocks I like so much easier!
Don Private Trader
Hi Steve, Now i am compelled to write this email. I have been a MT PREDICTOR user since 2014. I have dedicated a lot of time in studying the tools on this software and i am getting to the point where my equity curve is starting to move up. I have tried numerous other systems and by far MT PREDICTOR is the holy grail in trading. Keep doing the good work you are sir and making a perfect system even better!
Chris Private Trader
I've been a believer in your MTPredictor, since I first bought Version 6.5 years ago.  While I've only had a very small account, it has saved me some significant losses by showing me the Decision Point Zones, preventing me from entering a trade in the wrong direction.  I look forward to when I'll make a significant profit on my trades ... soon I hope.  But your creation of MTPredictor earns you respect as a genius, and your teaching approach in the Training Room sessions are truly appreciated, even by those of us with too little trading capital to take full use of what you teach.  Please keep teaching and repeating those important aspects of trading with MTPredictor.  Continue to prosper, Steve!
David Private Trader
I cannot thank you enough. MTP is as close to the HG of trading methodologies that exists. I am averaging about 6R monthly right now and honestly hope and feel that I will do better in the months that come. I am very happy with my 6R but hope to be even happier as I learn more in the future
Greg Private Trader
I cannot thank you enough. MTP is as close to the HG of trading methodologies that exists. I am averaging about 6R monthly right now and honestly hope and feel that I will do better in the months that come. I am very happy with my 6R but hope to be even happier as I learn more in the future
Greg Private Trader
Thanks again Steve for developing the MTP system but probably even more for the continuous training. The EUR/USD setup you talked about on Monday”s webinar turned out to be a very good winner. Before I went to sleep last night I secured the trade to  avoid a potential loss  because of the FOMC announcement, but this morning it had reached my target and made a 12.8 R
Bill Private Trader


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The Price of the Platform and Cost of Trading.

Click the tabs below to view the platform's price of subscription or purchase, commissions rates that apply to most retail traders
and understand all the costs associated with trading different futures markets.

Pay as little as $1.00 / side when you meet our low daily average contracts requirements. Clients who meet our daily trading volume thresholds qualify for even more savings with deeply discounted commissions as low as $0.10 / Side. After you Open your Account, you must contact us at to ensure the appropriate commission tier.

    Average Daily Contracts Commissions Per Side
    0 - 20 Contracts $1.00
    21 - 100 Contracts $0.50
    101 - 500 Contracts $0.40
    501 - 1000 Contracts $0.20
    Over 1000 Contracts $0.10

Order Routing and Platform Fees.Order routing is the process of routing the order to / from exchanges to your trading platform. Order routing fees, also referred to as execution costs, are charged by the datafeed provider and is assessed on a per transaction basis.

    Datafeed Order Routing Fee
    Rithmic $0.25 per side
    CQG $0.10 - $0.25 per side*
    CTS $0.20 - $0.50 per side*
    TT $0.00 - $0.30 per side*
    eSignal $0.00 per side: NO FEE*
    QST $0.00 per side: NO FEE*
 *Varies according to FCM and trading platform  

The trading commissions you pay also depends on your margin requirements - the amount required to enter into a position per contract on an intraday basis. ITG Futures provides margins based on a percentage of the initial margin* (Example 20%) or a nominal amount (Example $500). Intraday margin (day trading margins) are determined by our clearing firms and based on many factors including market volatility, open interest, customer credit profile and the level of funding in the specific customer's account.

    Day Trading Margins Clearing Firm Commissions Per Side
   100% of Initial Margin All of FCM’s $1.00
    25% of Initial Margin All of FCM’s $1.20
    10% of Initial Margin All of FCM’s $1.50
    $50-$500 E-mini/micro Ironbeam  Contact us
 ITG Futures and/or our Clearing FCMs maintain the right to liquidate any position at any time if a margin call and/or deficit occurs. The customer would be responsible for any deficit that occurs as a result of liquidations. We will make our best efforts to contact customers to address margin call depending on the severity of the call. Accounts that are subject to margin calls may experience higher commissions due to increased risk. Specific day trading margins from select FCMs that are well below average rates may subject you to much higher fees than provided above. Contracts with relatively low liquidity may subject you to additional fees

Clearing, Exchange and NFA Regulatory fees apply to all order types regardless of your broker and platform and varies according to the markets and products you trade. Members of exchanges are entitled to discounted Exchange Execution and Clearing fees.

Exchange/Clearing & NFA Fees
Exchange Fees

Exchange fees are charged directly by the exchange to your brokerage account in return for providing market access. Exchange fees are assessed on a per transaction basis and vary depending upon the market and product being traded.

Clearing Fees

Our FCM’s, also known as a “clearing house”, facilitates the trade between buyers and sellers upon a trader’s order being executed at the exchange. The FCM’s handle all the trade execution, exchange floor, and back-office operations to ensure that the trade will be settled properly in return for a “clearing fee”, typically provided to brokers at reduced wholesale rates.

National Futures Association (NFA) Fees

The National Futures Association (NFA) is the self-regulatory body of the derivatives industry, including the exchange-based trading of futures products. The NFA requires a fee of US$.02 per side of every exchange-based futures contract traded) and is directly billed to the trader through his or her brokerage account.

A data fee is a flat fee charged by the exchange for streaming real-time market data to the trader. Data fees are charged on a periodic basis and varies depending on the type of exchange and type of trader. For example, data fees for the CME Globex are $85 monthly per-market for professional traders and $20 monthly per-market for non-professional traders.

Market Data
    Exchange Group Description Monthly Fee*
    CME Market Data Bundle - All CME Markets $20.00 (non-pro)
  CME/Globex $5.00 (non-pro)
  CBOT/Globex $5.00 (non-pro)
  NYMEX/Globex $5.00 (non-pro)
  COMEX/Globex $5.00 (non-pro)
    ICE Market Data ICE - US Exchange - TF, DX $117.00
  ICE - UK Exchange - Energies $117.00
  ICE-LIFFE Exchange - FTSE, Gilt, Short Sterling $117.00
    CFE/CBOE Data CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) $13.00 (non-pro)
    Foreign Exchange       (Non-US) EUREX | non-pro 18.00 EUR
  Osaka - Japan (JPX) 29.00 USD
  Singapore (SGX) 80.00 USD
  Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) 67.00 USD
  Euronext Equities & Index Derivative - CAC - 40  
    Cash Index Data $SP500 90.00 USD
  $DOW, ^TICK, ^TRIN, ^ADV, ^DECL, NYSE Internals, Dow Jones Indexes 6.00 USD
  NASDAQ Indexes 8.00 USD
    Misc Additional User | Multiple users/logins 10.00 USD

* Market Monthly Fees are subject to change. Please contact us to find out the latest market fees available.
15 Day Trial

We have a 15-day trial available for new purchases* of all our MTPredictor products namely MTPredictor 8, and the MTP RT add-ons for NinjaTrader (version 7 and 8). The trial costs $95 ($145 for the NinjaTrader Professional Edition).

These are fully working version of the MTPredictor software. We do not restrict what modules or features you may use.

Note: For MTPredictor 8 you will need a data feed to run the software.

How the trial works

MTPredictor is purchased in two stages, first, $95 ($145 for the NinjaTrader

Professional edition) is taken at the time of the initial purchase, then 15 days later the balance is due.

Just before your 15-day trial period is due to end, we will email you with a link to make the balance payment.

If you do not make this payment, your software will just stop working after the 15-day trial ends.

Once you have made the balance payment you will be able to continue to use the software normally.

During your 15-day trial period, you will have access to all our MTPredictor support and on-going training.
We do this so you have 15-days to try the software to make sure it is right for you.

Purchase trial

To Purchase your MTPredictor software, please go to the Purchase Page
If you have any questions or need help, please e-mail
System Requirements

MTPredictor 8 and the MTP RT add-ons) need a Windows operating system, but can run on an iMac when using PC emulation software such as VMware

Note* 15-day trial is not available on upgrades, this includes the Trade Module for NinjaTrader


Have a question about MT Predictor?

If you have any questions about MT Predictor please visit our help forum, where you can find additional information, videos and user instructions for all trading terminals offered by ITG Futures. If you can't find an answer to your question on our site, you can contact us or post a question to our help forum.

MT Predictor does not offer FREE demo

Fill in the form below, to receive a copy of MT Predictor Instructions on how to use the terminal to find Trades, assess Risk/Reward, Manage Trades.(PDF)
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Tech Specs

Before you start using MTPredictor, make sure your PC meets the following system requirements:
System Requirements
  • MTPredictor 8 can run on a 32-bit or 64-bit PC running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
  • MTPredictor 8 needs external Data (purchased from 3rd party sources separately), please see the MTP 8 Data pages for compatible data sources.
  • MTPredictor 8 need a Windows operating system but can run on an iMac when using PC emulation software such as VMware
  • Memory: As Windows use at least 2GB of memory on its own, we recommend a PC with at least 4GB of Ram, and ideally 8GB (or more) is better for power users.


Trading Futures and Options on Futures involves a substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. You should carefully consider whether trading is suitable for you in light of your financial condition, circumstances, and industry knowledge. You may lose all or more of your initial investment. Opinions, market data, and recommendations are subject to change at any time. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Full Risk Disclosure | Privacy Policy / Legal | GDRP Policy

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